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Mahindra Centuro sales falls drastically

Mahindra Centuro sales falls drastically

A couple of days ago there was a news about Mahindra restructuring their two-wheeler business. Well, that was bound to happen due to their poor performance in the two-wheeler industry.

Mahindra’s most heavily marketed product –the Centuro has seen a drastic decrease in its sales. And to make things worse, its other products like the Gusto, Duro and the Rodeo aren’t really helping them get numbers, considering the fact that they’re scooters and other manufacturers have been able to perform really well there. The Mojo, on the other hand, falls in the premium side of the business, so the numbers will always be low.

For the Centuro, the last eight months have been disappointing as the sales have fallen from 8,941 units in November 2015 to just 1,766 units in June 2016 – that’s an 80 per cent decrease. The Centuro falls in the mass market commuter segment, due to which sales of 1,766 units are very disappointing. This motorcycle has all the bells and whistles like the flip-key with 96-bit secure access, engine immobilizer, anti-theft alarm, DTE (distance to empty), find me lamps and LED parking lights. So it looks like Mahindra has failed to attract the Indian consumers, who are ready to spend more on motorcycles, which are more expensive and are less equipped.

The festive season is just two months away and Mahindra might be hoping to cash on it. However, it will be tough for Mahindra to crack the 110cc segment as there have been a couple of new launches like the Hero Splendor 110 iSmart and the Yamaha Saluto RX, which are bound to attract festive buyers.

Source : BikeWale.com

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