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I cannot believe that Dahleez got low ratings: Tridha Choudhury

I cannot believe that Dahleez got low ratings: Tridha Choudhury

Tridha Choudhury, the pretty damsel, popularly known as Swadheenta has won accolades for her big screen performances down South. On TV, she’s just wrapped up her first project, Dahleez on Star Plus.

The girl who enjoys being part of finite series on television feels that such short series need to be encouraged, as it will bring in a drastic change in Indian television.

On her experience being part of Dahleez, Tridha shared her views. “It was a fantastic group to work with. I had a whale of a time, and enjoyed playing my character. Legal matters were very well taken care of, and all demands of mine were met. I neither over-worked nor was under-paid. However, the only drawback was that we did not receive our scripts and screenplays before hand. Thus the work schedule got tougher at times.”

Tridha enjoyed the pleasure of shooting in Delhi more than the shoot ambience in Mumbai. “We had a relaxed approach to shoot in Delhi, as our schedules were not tough. But the moment we landed in Mumbai, the stress factor caught up as schedules got tougher. Coming to the cast, every person was so apt for the character. There were no loud actors, and all were subtle in their approach. We truly justified our characters. It could not have been better in terms of performances.”

On her personal gain, she said, “I have had a very good run with Dahleez. I got appreciated by one and all for my performance.”

However,Tridha just failed to understand the working of theTRP system. “I cannot believe that such a critically acclaimed show as Dahleez got so low ratings. I still do not know how the TRP system works. We had everything to offer in the show. The urban audience connected well, and so did the rural audience when our tracks focussed on farmers, property disputes etc. So the show connected with all kinds of audiences. Above all, it was always meant to be finite, which only meant that it was not to be dragged beyond boundaries.”

When asked about her future plans, the actress said, “A lot of good shows are already on offer. But I will not take up any work that is infinite. If a good finite series comes my way, I will surely think of it. Otherwise, my focus will be on movies. South cinema has always welcomed me with both hands, and I will want to get back to that zone.”

Source : Telly Chakkar

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